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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions we get.

What Kids Should Bring to Camp

We are excited to count you among Pedaling Minds enthusiasts. Here is a list of things you should bring to the camp:

  • Bike: We will do general safety checks, and bike fits. Your child’s bike should be appropriate for her/his size, have functioning brakes (hand or foot), no loose nuts/bolts, inflated tires, bar ends-no metal handlebars sticking out from the grips, and any gears/shifters need to be in good working condition. For more details, you can follow our checklist. We recommend having your child’s bike safety checked at your local bike shop if you’re experiencing problems (see recommendations at the bottom).
  • Helmet: Wearing a helmet is mandatory during this camp for any activity on the bike. We will teach elements of helmet safety and helmet fit. The majority of the kids who come to our classes need it fit and many times it’s obvious parents haven’t tried to adjust the helmet to their child’s head. Please take 5 minutes and try to fit your child’s helmet to their head- show them how the buckle physically works and have them practice using the clasp even if they aren’t strong enough as well as rotating the dial in the back that adjusts the helmets “basket” fit (if the helmet is equipped). It’s good practice.
  • Warm clothes to ride: pants, socks, closed shoes, coat, thin gloves, and whatever else your child needs to be comfortable in cold weather. Layers are recommended.
  • Sunscreen
  • Thin hat (if you have one) that fits under the helmet and/or sunglasses
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Backpack to contain all belongings
  • Water bottle
  • Ample lunch and snacks

What is Pedaling Minds?Pedaling Minds first started in 2014 by 2008 Olympian Mike Friedman who realized, upon retiring from professional cycling, how much teaching a child to ride a bike could change their life. Pedaling Minds was converted to a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in 2017. To date, over 1,500 children have learned how to ride a bike and have improved bicycling skills and safety through the Pedaling Minds method. 

Why is Pedaling Mind a good choice? We are more than a camp or an activity. We are on a mission to see everyone having fun riding with control and confidence. And as a result we focus on motivated quality instructors who are equipped to help riders of all ages achieve that goal. We have an excellent track record of teaching people to ride. We care, take our time, and are patient.

Do you offer financial assistance? We believe everyone should have the chance to learn to ride with control and confidence. If you or your family have financial need, we do have different scholarships that can be applied to help offset some or all of the cost of tuition. Please see our scholarship descriptions.

How do I submit a payment? We accept payments online through our secure registration system for both camps and privates lessons

What is your refund/cancellation policy?  We know things come up. Please email us with questions. We generally accommodate full refunds and or camp transfers 1-week prior to the beginning of your scheduled camp.

Are my donations to Pedaling Minds tax-deductible? We are a 501(c)(3), meaning any donation you make is tax deductible. Our tax ID is 46-4630251.

What programs do you offer? We currently offer three classes, covering 6 levels of ridership. These include:

  • Learn to Pedal/Rookie Riders-levels 1-2
  • Novice/Intermediate-levels 3-4
  • Proficient/Independent-levels 5-6

What is the difference between levels and classes? Riders come to us at all different levels. Our level descriptions are meant to help you determine what type of rider you (or your child) is and thus what class is best. The classes often combine 2 levels because riders benefit from seeing a variety of skills in their peers. We don’t combine more than 2 levels because too much disparity between riders can make classes too hard or too easy for some. 

Do you have different gender coaches? Yes! We have both male and female coaches, however, we can’t always guarantee we will have both genders during programming. Scheduling is hard!

What if there is inclement weather?  Weather in Colorado can be unpredictable  but we can usually ride through most of it. Many times the kids enjoy riding in rain and light snow. Depending on the severity of weather and type of program we are running, we will assess and inform you via email or text about our plans. If weather rolls in while we are in the middle of programs we will assess in the moment and pause programming to take cover if needed. There are days where weather conditions are not safe and we will cancel. For private lessons that get canceled ahead of time, we can reschedule. We typically won’t cancel camps unless the weather is severe for multiple days in a row. 

How many instructors will be on site? For most of our camps, we have between 1-3 instructors. This is a ratio of 1 for every 5-7 kids depending on the class. We strive to have excellent instructors and will always have a head coach on site and usually at least one assistant coach. 

Are there any specific instructions for level 1, Learn to Pedal riders? Prior to any Learn to Pedal lessons, it saves time if you remove the training wheels as we will not be needing them. If you do not know how or if it causes an argument for you and your child, then we can remove them. Additionally, your child will not need knee/elbow pads unless their level of fear is extreme and the pads help to calm any fears. The pads tend to get in the way of learning and while they can fall while learning to ride, we don’t have many accidents that require knee/elbow pads.

What if my child has a special learning need? We strive to meet the needs of all riders and in order to have the best experience possible. If your child has special learning needs, is neurodiverse or considered on the spectrum in some fashion, please call us to discuss the details and schedule a private lesson.

What if my child is resistant/nervous coming to camp? Don’t worry, have faith in Pedaling Minds. This is normal for many kids. People, kids included, are generally resistant to something they fear or don’t know how to do. We thrive in connecting with the kids when they are experiencing challenges. We got you.

Do I take the training wheels off? Yes, unless you do not know how or it’s a battle for you and your child. We are happy to help remove them when you arrive.

How long are private lessons? Two hours. 

Bathroom access Please make sure to the bathroom before the private lesson. We cannot always guarantee bathroom access. 

Does it take more than one private lesson? We see a significant jump in pedaling/riding ability during private lessons; we can nearly guarantee new riders will be pedaling. However, we usually recommend a second lesson or a future camp to further improve riding ability and to continue on the path of safety through control. The goal of private lessons is to develop new rider’s abilities and boost their confidence and desire to practice at home.

What do I bring to a private lesson? A bike, a helmet that fits, water bottle, snack, sunglasses, closed toe shoes, sunblock, and yourself or your child. 

Do we need knee/elbow pads? No, unless the level of fear is extreme. The pads tend to get in the way of learning and while anyone can fall , we don’t have many accidents that require knee/elbow pads.  

Lesson Locations We have locations in Louisville and Boulder we use for lessons. If you want us to come to you, there is a trip charge associated and it’s highly dependent on your area/finding a safe space to do the lesson. 

Why are private lessons limited to 1 person? To maximize one’s time and what they learn, a private lesson is best suited for one individual. We know siblings and friends can learn together too and even motivate one another, but learning one-on-one is optimal. If you have a small group you’d like to learn together, please reach out for pricing and possibilities. 

Are bikes provided We have bikes that can be used if needed, however, we encourage you to bring what your child has at home. Based on what you have we will make assessments, provide advice and use one of ours if needed. You will receive a pre-questionnaire prior to the private lesson. In that questionnaire will be questions pertaining to what equipment you have. 

I didn’t receive a confirmation Reach out to us at info@pedalingminds.org 

Cancellations & Rescheduling  We understand things come up. We are happy to work with you on rescheduling or canceling if needed. 

Scholarships We believe everyone should have the chance to learn to ride with control and confidence. If you or your family have financial need, we do have different scholarships that can be applied to help offset some or all of the cost of tuition. Please see our scholarship descriptions.

Do I take the training wheels off? Prior to any Learn To Pedal camp it saves time if you remove them as we will not be needing them. Don’t remove them if you do not know how or if it causes an argument for you and your child, then we can remove them. 

Do we need knee/elbow pads? No, unless the level of fear is extreme. The pads tend to get in the way of learning and while they can fall while learning to ride, we don’t have many accidents that require knee/elbow pads.  

What happens at drop off? When you arrive, bring the bike to the safety check area. Then sign in at the check-in table and take your child’s belongings to find a seat. We will stay seated and chill until we are ready to begin. 

Bathroom access We choose locations that allow us use of the bathroom, if not we rent a porta-john that gets locked after camp and is only for our use. 

What if my child is super nervous for camp? Don’t worry, have faith in the program. We see this often and it’s normal. We thrive in connecting with the kids.  

Running late for camp? Don’t rush and endanger yourselves. Text the head coach. The contact info is on the registration email you received.

What time is drop off? 8:45-9:00 AM. If you need to drop off later, please communicate one day in advance, especially if you are in an advanced class where we are leaving the site for a ride. In the beginning level classes, we are on site so later drop offs are usually easy to accommodate. 

What time is pick up? The pickup window is between 12 and 12:30 PM. If you need to pick up earlier or you are running late, please communicate in advance.

Can someone else other than a parent pick up? Yes, as long as you let us know to expect someone else to pick your child up either by indicating in the pre questionnaire or during drop off. Please let other adults picking up know that they will need to bring identification. Your child will not be released to someone else without guardian permission.

What do we bring to camp? A bike, helmet, water bottle(s), adequate snacks/lunch, sunglasses, closed-toe shoes, sunblock (applied), adequate clothing-weather pending, and your child. If you’re joining a riding camp, please bring a spare tube that fits your child’s bike.

What if I don’t have a bike for camp? We do have a limited number of bikes of various sizes available. Please contact us prior to camp to check if one is available. 

Do I need to prepare the bike before camp?  YES! Please do the following:

  • Inflate the tires- make sure the tires hold air and don’t go flat.
  • Make sure the handlebars have bar ends on the grips so the metal from the handlebar isn’t poking out. 
  • Make sure the bolts/nuts are tight throughout the bike.
  • If you don’t know how to do the above, please take the bike for a tune up to one of our partner bike shop locations or your shop of choice ahead of camp.  

How can I help my new rider after camp? Practice. Depending on the level of camp you’re attending, your rider may still need to practice or they may be ready to truly go on some adventures. This is a great time to embrace riding bicycles. Plan locations that you know are safe and conducive for continuing to learn like an open / safe/ low traffic parking lot or park or riding location like trails and destinations based on your rider’s ability.

Do kids get bored? Sure, sometimes in the beginning if they already know some basics. But as the rides/lessons progress we find that riders are over-the-moon enthusiastic about going further, mastering their drills, and coming back for more.

How do I know if my kid’s bike and helmet fit?

  • Bike: For Learn to Pedal riders, kids should be able to touch the ground while seated. For more advanced riders, the bike should not be so big that the rider struggles getting on or off. They should be able to come to a stop and put one leg down comfortably. 
  • Helmet: Helmets should not move excessively on their heads once buckled. Buckles should fit snugly with no more than two of your child’s fingers between their chin and the strap. If helmets can be adjusted with a knob in the back, please do so until the helmet does not move excessively. 

Do I have to bring bikes every day to camp? During summer camps you can store your child’s bicycle and helmet on-site in a locked trailer for a flat fee of $20 due on the first day of camp (cash or venmo), or you can take the bike home and back each day.  Most kids leave them on site because they ride so much during the camp but sometimes they may want to take them home to show another parent or guardian their progress.

How far do the kids ride daily during camps? It depends on the camp. Learn to Pedal/Rookie Rider camps can vary from 1.5 – 8 miles/day, Novice/Intermediate 5 – 18 miles, and Proficient/Independent riders can go 5 – 22 miles. If you are worried that your child will not be able to keep up with the group, bear in mind that in our experience riders can often go much further than you or even they may think. If, however, your rider is endangering themselves and/or the group because they cannot keep up, we reserve the right to decline participation. We will work with you to find another class and even create drills at home to help your rider develop their stamina. Our goal is to ensure your rider has fun and does not struggle too much. 

Do you offer advanced classes? We do offer advanced riding camps that visit different bike parks and riding locations, but not as often as other programs. For more information, see our Proficient/Independent classes.

What type of bike is necessary for riding camps (levels 5+)? All bikes used in riding camps MUST have gears and hand brakes in good working order.

What happens if there is an accident? We want you and your child to have a great experience and that means being safe. While we can’t guarantee you that your child won’t fall or crash, we will do what we can to maximize both the safety of your child and the group. The severity of the accident will determine what happens. Our instructors are trained in first aid and where accidents are small we can apply those skills first. You will be informed at pick up any time your child has been in an accident and what happened. If the accident is severe, we will call an ambulance first and then the parents. 

What if my kiddo has allergies? Prior to class, you will receive a questionnaire to tell us a little about your young rider. In that questionnaire is a space to list any known allergies or things we should be aware of. Please bring anything needed like an inhaler or Epipen with clear instructions for the instructor.

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